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I left the Marine Corps with a wife and two little girls that needed to be provided for. The classes I took in the fields of Homeland Security and Emergency Management opened up an entire career field that I had barely paid attention to before my time at Tulane. I am now the Emergency Management Agency (EMA) Director for a county in Alabama.

Russ T. 

New Orleans: 504-865-5555
Harahan: 504-865-5333

When Do Classes Start?

Six-Week Session I starts May 21st
Apply by May 6th

Six-Week Session II starts July 2nd
Apply by June 18th 

12-Week and Online Sessions starts May 21st
Apply by May 6th

You know that IT security plays a critical role in multiple industries and organizations—learn how to approach a range of cybersecurity challenges and get ahead in this fast-paced field with an advanced degree. With a 33 credit online MS in Cybersecurity Management from Tulane SoPA, you’ll learn on your own schedule while developing relevant, problem-solving skills and leadership tactics to help you stand out in the information technology field.

New Orleans: 504-865-5555
Harahan: 504-865-5333

With a Master of Professional Studies in Cybersecurity Management You’ll Be Able To:

  • Identify security risks and known threats
  • Formulate preventative security controls
  • Articulate business cases for security projects
  • Implement a tailored organizational cybersecurity situation
  • Develop security budgets 
  • Institutionalize security-relevant governance policy

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Spring: January 1  |  Summer: May 15  |  Fall: August 15

Spring: January 1
Summer: May 15
Fall: August 15

Finance Your Future

Tulane SoPA offers affordable tuition and many students are eligible for discounts. SoPA also provides financial aid for qualifying students. A financial advisor will help you determine your eligibility and pursue the right type of aid to supplement the cost of your education.

In such a fast-paced field, there’s always a need for strong leaders equipped with the right problem-solving skills and practical knowledge to face IT security issues head-on. Take the first step to become a leader in cybersecurity with an online Master of Science in Cybersecurity Management from the Tulane School of Professional Advancement. Applying is simple. No GRE or letters of recommendation required. Ask for more information today.


Spring: January 1

Summer: May 1

Fall: August 1


Spring: January 1 | Summer: May 1 | Fall: August 1

Prepare for Leadership Roles

Elevate your current role in cybersecurity with a master’s degree program. Our MS in Cybersecurity Management not only focuses on technical skills but also on leadership development, preparing you to help organizations face today’s biggest cybersecurity challenges.

Experience an Incredibly Engaging Online Program

At Tulane SoPA, we have developed one of the most interactive, engaging, and relevant online programs in higher education. With over 250+ virtual labs to mimic real-world cyber threats, realistic videos, interactive activities, and access to professionals in the field, you will never just watch a Powerpoint. Earn your graduate degree 100% online without putting your personal or professional life on hold.

Achieve Your Goals More Quickly with Graduate Certificates

Earn a graduate certificate in one semester. Our four-course certificates include Cyber Defense, Cyber Leadership, IT Strategic Planning, and Technology Architecture. These certificates can be stacked towards your MS degree, allowing you to make measurable progress to your degree while advancing your professional qualifications.

Learn From Experienced Faculty

Not only will you learn from leading industry professionals, you’ll also gain a supportive professional network that extends beyond your degree. Work with dedicated faculty with years of leadership experience in the cybersecurity field.

You Can Afford a Tulane Education

You can earn your master’s degree from an elite institution for less than $31,000 when you qualify for our 20% discount. You may also qualify for credit for military or professional experience, and financial aid. A financial advisor will help you determine your eligibility and pursue the right type of aid to supplement the cost of your education.

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“In my time at Tulane SoPA, the professors proved themselves to be world-class experts. Under their guidance my degree in Cybersecurity Management propelled me into a career where I have the privilege of defending our nation from cybersecurity threats. I am proud to call myself a Tulane SoPA graduate”

Alan Shultz,
Information Technology

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Simple Admission Process

The admissions process at Tulane SoPA is easy. We require transcripts from your undergraduate institution and a short application. We do not require a GRE or letters of recommendation.

Number of credit hours: 


Time to complete:

as quickly as 4 semesters


$1,158/ credit,  $926/credit with 20% discount


100% online, flexible schedules


No GRE required